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Streamers and their bleeding view bots


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It is silly o'clock in the morning, and the casino section is showing these with the highest viewers:



5,153 viewers on bonushunt

3,601 viewers on whale gambles

1,806 viewers on ludpro

971 viewers on 4slot


It is pretty clear that all of these use view bots. Not sure about anybody else, but I have repeatedly reported these channels for breaking the Twich TOS of using view bots but nothing appears to be happening.

Maybe the community here can support by reporting these channels too. The more that report, perhaps Twitch will finally do something about these Russian streamers that use viewbots.

This is Twitch's policy regarding view bots:



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It's seems odd that you can accidentally flash some nude images up and get an instant ban yet a deliberate concerted effort to fake viewing figures seemingly goes unchallenged.

To those having their videos stolen I'd recommend using a watermark of some sort. I'm sure it would be an acceptable inconvenience for regular viewers and might go some way to combatting the attempts to steal your content.

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