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The final casino run

Andy Fox

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Ok so this might be a pretty long story. But this is from my final casino run. I'm out fully now. I did however managed to do pretty big withdrawals on my final run that took about 15 hours to comeplete.

It all started around 10:00 with a 20€ Deposit at mcasino this was my first hit that day.



So a 151 x  hit on aloha after about 20 spinns in total wich made my first withdraw that day on 160€ Then I played the rest away.

At around 12:00 I made my second deposit on 20€ this time at Casino-X I started out with aloha again and managed to win roughly 2000Kr on aloha on a 20kr bet then I kept playing and won and won untill this happened again:



This equals about 230€ and was my second win I seemed to forgot to save the first one. but in total I withdrawed another 4000kr~~400€  

Then I whent on to play space wars with my last 480kr   when I had 80kr left and had accepted my final defeat this happened:



Another win this time I won 5130kr from a 20kr bet. So kept calm and withdrawed another 5000kr ~~ 500€

Then Kept playing and was down to my last like 31 kr and made a final 28kr bet and this is what happened I had 3kr left after that final bet. 


Now this luck was just insane i mean how the actual????? 

So I withdrawed another 250€  now the next hit I did was actually a 9000kr~~900€ win on reelrush wish I think I have a printscreen of on my other PC with a few moore wins from this day. 

I kept going and this happens to me:


Another 1480kr the other cash is also from joker pro this was the second hit in a short while. so I withdrawed yet another 2500kr~   250€

I kept going and boom i got a few moore withdrawals from casino-X I will make a summary at the end of this post about that day.

I withdrawed everything I had left on casino-X beside 200kr that I got deadspinns on to 0 so I changed to vodoodreams and made a deposit of 200kr

Boom this is the first hit.


kept going and got another diamond hit and won a total of 13000kr  from a 20kr bet. 

Withdrawed 15000kr ~ 1500€ and swapped to dead or alive was deadspinning a while then going +/- 0 and boom i finally get a hit. what surprices me was that this was the basegame didnt get a single bonus and decided to go reel rush and had a few wins there aswell. I will update this post when I find the remaining pictures from that day.


mcasino total withdrawal:  160£ ~ 191€
Casino-X total withdrawal: 51250KR ~  5334€
Voodoodreams total withdrawal: 41000Kr ~  4267€

Tot withdrawed: 9761€
Tot Deposit: 60€

Profit: 9701€

This was one of my best days ever in gambling as I allways used to bet really big to win theese kind of money but this time I had a good run for once. far far from my biggest ever wins but still pretty decent.

Since this round I been doing around 20€ deposit every second week but all I get no matter what sum I bet is deadspinns every single slot is deadcold for me now. :D So I feel like I can just walk away now. even tough I won this much from a low deposit this time I just get deadspinns now no matter what the betsize is and that really just takes all the fun away. so havent played for a little while now since my last 100kr deposit like a week ago or 2 weeks something. 

But all the comebacks from my last spinn that day is actually pretty decent for me. :D Might already posted one or two of theese but have alot moore screenshots on my real pc from this day.

I allways tought I was addicted to gambling but the truth is I was and that was the only joy I really had in life. I stopped gamble after this day and feel like I am in full control now a days. hence why I never really post any wins like this anymoore. Since all I do is 100-200kr every second weekend and mostly do 2-4kr bets for the joy in it.

All the screenshots is from 2017-03-12

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6 hours ago, David Labowsky said:

Holy mother of slots.. What a run!!!! Wow :D

I know your story man, glad you found a limit for yourself. €20 every other week is a fine limit. Especially when you hit like this.. infreakingsane!

Thanks dude! this run almost got me hooked again but doing 20€ every second week or so calms that addiction down and let me actually enjoy it I rarely have any wins since I do 0.2-0.4€ spinns but hey its still fun and sometimes I can withdraw around 40-50€ :) this run was also starting out as a lowrolling session but kept winning so did a few "bigger" bets and off we go.

2 hours ago, Slotspinner said:

60 deposit to almost 10000 is somewhat legendary. This will barely ever happen to anyone! B|

Thank you, yeah it was a insane run and a great withdrawal since there was no bonus involved all cash money have been waiting to make this thread since I was collecting my screenshots but seems to have lost alot of them. It still far from a 14000x bonanza hit but hey :D low deposit big cashout who can complain. 

But I will admit that I had a few tiltmoments under this run where I almost lost all but got lucky at the last spinn and won alot. So for me this run actually was a bit out of controll and mainly only dumb luck involved. 


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