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Book of Gods. Warning very long vid.


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@danishcomfort absaloutly brilliant danish. The whole video has given me a right good insight on exactly how book of gods plays out. Its actually a lot better than i thought.

And man did you get it going. Playing a good stake in 2 euro its hit you with a beauty. Every spin was almost a winning spin. You had all the gods in play. It was a super watch.

I did not mind taking 22 odd minutes out my day to watch it. I can see the purple god pays highest. 90 spins danish and see that last spin. Spin 90 i was saying go on full screen of the green god. After 89 spins why not. It gave you 4.

 Overall super congratz and i think as i said in your other post on this win about 2900 euro bonus. Not bad danish for 22 minutes work. Enjoy the winnings man. Great post????.

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29 minutes ago, SuperSmask said:

WAUW... looks like an ok game, when seeing your mega win @danishcomfort ? Awesome hit GZ!!

Yes, Book of Gods is really great and volatile and it would be great if it will become aviable on other casinos. I did some calculation about the wins. A full screen of the premium Gods would have paid on a 15 DKR bet: 20x15x234 = 72900 , what a potential. 

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