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Book of Dead awesome streak of Big bonuses


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@SuperSmask well done supersmask. First up its great to see you smiling and enjoying the slots again. 

Things have turned for you mario and its good. Balance was very healthy when the bonus hit. Maybe round about 10,000 kr, 1000 euro.

Playing 15 kr, 1.50 euro,  bonus lands and explorer. I no a lot of the time top premiums end up being a waste of a bonus but not this time. 

Retriggers galore and 1 hit of 3 explorers upto 30 spins. Then when the 4 th retrigger hit mario ?- very interested,  40 spins at the top guy. 

Already was a good bonus and a lot of 2's landed. I was willing 4 or a full screen in but it did not come.

Say 3000 kr bonus, 300 euro. Pretty good bonus and i think you were quite happy with it.

Next up i dont actually think your balance moved that much before the next bonus dropped.

Round about 12,990 kr, 1290 euro's. 3 books and the explorer again. The fast editing is fun. The music is perfect for it.

Bonus kicked off and a very sweet 4 book retrigger. Book of dead great when it plays well. 20 spins ended with 1547 kr bonus, about 154 euro. Not bad.

When you add that to the first bonus thats 454 euro's. Nice.

Quick editing again, then a raise to 20 kr, 2 euro bet size. Bonus drops. Nice trigger to with kings and aces. 

Mario gets an Ace this time, no retrigger but a full screen and two 4's. Brilliant bonus. 5100 odd kr. About 510 euro. ( B.I.N.G.O.).

What a spell on the book. With that last bonus the 3 bonuses paid 300 euro, 154 euro, 510 euro. All in all a total of 965 euro i will say.

Great to watch smask, im happy for you man. Great run on the book for not far off a 1000 euro combined win.

Super congrats, enjoy your winnings???. Get some sun tan lotion on that head.??. Especially if your out playing golf...

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