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Suggestions for giveaways, promotions and activities! - REWARD


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Hi everyone!


LeoVegas love the Twitch community, and especially everyone loyal to our favorite streamer LetsGiveItASpin.

In the future, we want to have special campaigns and other exciting activities, and for this, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Special offers, giveaways and real life events is among the things we are working on planning for you guys!

To encourage everyone to submit your suggestions we will reward the best ones with something extra.

I will together with some LeoVegas representatives evaluate and pick the best suggestion.

We will also reward you with a 200 € bonus (10x wagering) and we will also reward all suggestions with 20 free spins (for active players/LetsGiveItASpin players – one pr person). Please send your LeoVegas email to me on PM with a direct link to your suggestion.


The 12 April we will gather, evaluate and some time shortly after we reward the ones participating!

I’m looking forward to see all the great submissions!


Have a great week :)


Best regards,

Tobias - LeoVegas

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12 minutes ago, Stingypetrov0455 said:

Would be fun if Lvling up on leo, would actully do something!,like freespins,bonus money etc !.

Hi Stingypetrov0455 ! 

It do contribute regarding a monthly draw and some other thing (we have had several raffles on Twitch where higher lvl = better prizes etc).

EDIT: https://www.leovegas.com/en#promotions/vipexperience

However if you do want to come with a more specific suggestion in regards of how we utilize it its definitely something we would appreciate !

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Hello Tobias!

I have now played some time at Leovegas casino and have some ideas.

VIP level system:

I think it would be great if you would get something every 5 or 10 levels and more higher you get then better prize you get.

Lower levels lets say 0 - 30 Lvl you get for example some freespins (for every 5 or 10 levels and above that mayby some deposit bonuses and when really high (example Lvl 60 - above ) you get even some free money with wagering and good deposit bonuses. 

I think this would be interesting and fun for players. They can feel that they have actually achieved something and get small reward from it. 

And Leovegas should really make a gamr providor filter so they can search their favourite providors games.

Hope you got my point and feel free to ask if you have something in your mind Tobias. :D

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My suggestions:

- upon new slot release, there could be a 24hr competition who gets the biggest win on it - maybe involve providers for promotion as well and the winner gets a nice prize (doesn't need to be money or bonus)

- more Yggdrasil competitions

- slot missions - e.g. you guys pick a certain slot and challenge the players to get a certain "achievement" on it - e.g. wildline, fullscreen wilds, 5 scatter trigger, ...

- "bonus farming" - streamer gets a bonus on ceratin slot(s) and closes it. Players can bet on what the outcome will be (e.g. 5x, 10x, 100x, 200x..) higher the multiplier higher the prize

- real life event - hold a raffle or one of the winning players from the above games or others get to experience Malta with a private party on a boat :)

That's my ideas so far =)


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Hi Tobias,

I'm new at LeoVegas, but i guess feedback from new players could be interesting aswell as long loyalty players.

The VIP system:


I get there is a prize reward for an amount of people in each level, but i guess you need to be very lucky to win something there. I'd suggest something that makes me want to play more to gain something (i know i will get) by level up, like:

level 1-9: 30 free spins each level up (coin value low, like 1kr)
level 10: one deposit bonuse up to xxx amount like the welcome bonuses
level 11-19: 20 free spins each level up (coin value middle, like 2-4kr) (on a list of 5-10 games to choose from)
level 20: one deposit bonus up to xxx amount like the welcome bonuses
level 21-29: 15 free spins each level up (coin value middle, like 6-10kr)
level 30: one deposit bonus up to xxx amount like the welcome bonuses + (or) 1 hitspin (on yggdrasil slots)
level 31-39: 10 free spins each level up (coin value high, like 10-15kr, or mabye you can trade in fo 200 free spins with coin value 1kr etc)
level 40: etc...

You get the point :) With a list like this, i'd prefere spending my time on LeoVegas, knowing if im leveling up, im gonna get rewarded :)

I dont know how fast you level up, that is something you need to see fits the rewards etc. I guess leveling up goes faster in the start, then slower, but it should somehow be more consistant to be able to predict when you can expect to have a new fresh deposit bonus.

Each level could also qualify for a certain prize, either money or giveaways, trips etc.

Events and activities:

  •  Streaming with Kim

"Win a fantastic weekend at Kim's house (hehe, any location will do), replace Reggie (sorry Reggie!) and be his high-fiver for a stream-night, with a chance to split the winnings 50-50 from the session!"

  • Spin & Win or Spin & Donate

Sign up/play to qualify, and be among the 5 players who will get a trip to LeoVegas offices for a weekend where you will together stream and win together! If you are to loose, the loss will be paid back from LeoVegas, donated to an organization etc, choosen by all the followers on stream etc. In that way, LeoVegas will loose anyway, but "we" will win, either in cash or in donations for a good cause.

  • Slot wagering competition

If we (stream followers - mabye signed up with a special link to join the competition) manage to wager a sertain amount on one sertain slot during a weekend (or 24h depending in wager demand), and we manage to wager (like 1 million kr), every participant will be rewared with a moneyprize, could be free spins, deposit bonuses, giveaways. The wagering status have to be avilable at all time so we can follow and chase it. This will be a "one for all - all for one" competition - real teamplay :)

  • Empty that slot competition

If we (stream followers) manage to get a win over XXXX times the stake (like a "jackpot") on a sertain slot - during a period, we will all be rewarded. One for all - all for one, teamplay competition :) (like the slot wagering competition)


When you ask for suggestion you should expect it will be stuff that benefit the players, not LeoVegas, hehe, but some could go both ways i guess :)

I'll probably add more before the 12th of april :)

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I'd like to see a reward similar to that 1000€ black/red roulette raffle that was a while ago, but this time on slots. Instead of cash reward, it would be nice if you get to play the reward in a slot and still get some guaranteed back in case of absolute worst luck. Lets say a 100€ cash reward would be nice to play on book of dead 1€ spins and all the winnings would be real money instead of bonus money

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A loyalty program, the more you watch on Twitch, the more points you get. Imagine if we could buy deposit bonuses or free spins with the points we get on twitch from Kims stream :D

It would also be fun with some meet ups in real life. Kim streaming from Stockholm, Oslo, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen etc etc.

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Maybe sometimes when you give out free spins there not minimum bet,,, or have a monthly raffle with a leo vegas player gets selected from each country and recieves a cash bonus or decent amount of free spins or even a cash back program the possibilities are endless but I'm sure you guys will come up with the goods ?

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Added more
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How about a cruise with all the streamers.  Promote the cruise to get as many viewers that can come. Gives them a chance to meetyou guys. 

We could all eat and drink together.  Play in the  casino with the all the streamers.  Maybe have the casino let us have a slot tournament let Leo vegas promote the tournament maybe even be there in.person also.

Maybe make it like annual  event.  That way everyone has time to make plans for it. Maybe have a representative from each casino that streamers use. Maybe have a banquet and the casinos  have representatives from the slot makers and people could have a q@a session wthe . Maybe they could give out prizes and awards to the  streamers and maybe the players. 

There are so  many things we could do on the cruise here at casino grounds as a community. 


Ps. This is michaelluker. Milkshake is my name on 

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I would really like to see "LetsGiveItASpin On Tour". In this concept Kim would travel to some nearby countries too meet up with viewers, maybe in such a way that a few viewers from that country could join the stream, and other viewers from that country could meet up for example at the local casino or other venue. I would like to see Kim visit Helsinki as that is where I live. We could probably find out the places to visit by making a poll with viewer countries/cities. 


Or another way to would be a Viewer meetup at Malta for example, where some amount of viewers would win a trip paid for by LeoVegas, and others could also join at their own expense. This could become an annual or even bi-annual event :)

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I guess editing your own posts is time limited, so i had to make a new post for this new idea:

Team LetsGiveItASpin Vs Team LeoVegas

10 players on each team, one team is Kim + 9 other followers, vs Team LeoVegas representatives, each person starts off with a 10.000kr balance (total balance is 10x10 000kr X 2 team = 200.000kr - all sponsored by LeoVegas). Play for 2 hours, the team who has the highest balance in total (all players) after 2h will win the competition. If the balance is within 10% there will be added extra time (example, team LGAS has 80.000kr and team Leo has 78 000 kr, there will be added time). If Team LetsGiveitASpin wins, the players will share the total balance that is left on their account + whatever is left of balance at Team LeoVegas will be raffeled out to all followers. The event has to take place where the teams can sit together in the same room, the teams on "each side" so tactics can be discussed in private :) And offcourse a nice hotel and trip for the teams is included aswell :)

If team LeoVegas were to win (unlikely, unless the slots are rigged before the event) the letsgiveitaspin team's balance is left will be raffeled out to all followers.

Team LetsGiveItASpin: the 9 other players will be selected by a competition of those who sign up for it. How this competiton is held is not that important, yet :)

There is sooo much more details i could add to the event itselfe, but if this is to happend i could write it down :)

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I would love to see competition oriented rewards. I mean, something you could win or fail, as a gambler loves competition.

For me a cool contest would be to pick 1 lucky viewer by a raffle every session.

The stream always starts with the competition: Kim vs. the Viewer. Both get 1.000 KR / 100 EUR and both screens are visible.

Then there is 15 minutes for both players to pick any game they want and play any betsize they want. The higher balance after 15 mins. wins.

If Kim wins, the winnings are raffled for the viewers. If the player wins, he can have the money for himself.

I think its a great comepetion, as the players would cheer very much for Kim and it should be a funny contest ;-)

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The Great BIG BANANAS Race

Reset all bananas for 1 week, accumulate points via watch time and other small quizs/competitions in chat. (NO Chat points as people can spam).

Top 10/20 points get prizes with one selected for top prize and "Pick a Banana game. Choose 1 of 5 bananas with special prizes and the "Ding Ding" prize.


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