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Hi everyone, I am Huggehugg!


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Hi all!

My name is Hugo aka Huggehugg and you might recognize me from the chats of several casino streams. I am a 18 year old viking currently living in the southern part of Sweden. I am currently studying my last year of High School, with science as my main study. I have always loved watching my brothers and my dad playing slots when I was little. When I finally turned 18 I immidiately tried the "forbidden fruit" that is gambling and I fell in love with it!

After I had been introduced to the lovely casino community, it did not take long until the ideas of my very own stream started to grow. I spend a lot of my free time watching casino streams on my pc (or tablet) because it is very entertaining!

I have at this time streamed a couple of my sessions (many over 6 hours!). Three of them is currently watchable on my twitch channel as VoDs. I really adore streaming because it is the most fun a person can have! The warmth that the Casino community shares is something that I have never encountered before. Everyone helps everyone and there is almost no hate.

I have now decided to take my stream to the next step by fixing my channel, getting my webcam and applying for an affiliate program. I have talked with the affiliate manager of CherryAffiliates and I have succesfully gotten the chance to do some teststreams with depositbonuses and commission on people I recruit to SveaCasino, which is something I really look forward to! In fact, I will be holding a stream on the evening of Friday the 23 (tomorrow!). I am really hyped for it at this very moment, but I think that it will go very well. I have also secured a host from my fellow friends at Casinodaddy for the stream tomorrow, which to me is complete madness. I am of course very nervous of showing my face for the first time infront of soooooo many people, but I am mentally ready!

This is all I have had to say in this quick introduction. If you are interested in checking my channel out, please go to https://www.twitch.tv/huggehugg

That is all for me. Feel free to ask personal questions about me or my stream. Hope to see you all sometime soon!



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On 2017-03-31 at 0:46 PM, LetsGiveItASpin said:

Welcome to Casinogrounds Hugge, can't believe I didn't see your introduction before. Watched your replays and I really do enjoy your stream :) 

Glad that you think so! Means so much to me Kim <3

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