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Guess the Next x win on my next DOA wildline and win


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 I have decided to do a giveaway/raffle for all Casinogrounds Members and followers of my twitch channel. There will only be one winner in this raffle who will win up to 25% of the actual wildline win. Percentages of the win are as follows. Within 10x = 25% of wildine win. 11x-50x will get 20% of the wildline win, 51x and above 15% of the wildline win. This will be ongoing until i hit my 8th. When i hit it i will find the first and closest to the x win itself and will send them the winnings via skrill or paypal. Are you good at guessing? It doesn't matter if you aren't. You've got to be in it to win it. GL <3

Competition is open until the wildline is hit.

Rules , must be a cg member, follower of me on twitch and its 1 guess per person

Follow me here  @ www.twitch.tv/badazzbear1

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