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Some helpful withdrawing advice who are new to slots


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Been online gambling now for a few years and would like to pass on some useful practical knowledge on what to expect from a majority of Online Casinos when it comes to withdraws.

Firstly before you register with any site I would strongly suggest you do these things.

 Collect any recent Bank Statements and Utility bills and create a digital copy of them. Make sure, if your taking a photo, that you have the highest resolution selected and that your name, date and address are clearly visible. If you have a scanner then a high DPI (Dots per inch) like 900 DPI is best, and although it is not common now in the past some sites needed specific file formats like  PDF, .JPG, .GIF, .TIF, and .PNG

Do the same for passport ID or Drivers Licence (some sites may require a front and back of your licence).

You may also require to have your Bank Details and two things called IBAN that is made up of 22 letters/numbers and your BIC code should contain either 8 or 11

For instance Barclays  BIC Code =  BARCGB22

And if you want your IBAN then you can find it on the side of your bank statement.

Hope this helps and it may save you some headaches in the future.



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