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70 spins BOD


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hi everyone, 

made this account to share my nice 70 spins win on Book of dead never had even close to that amount of spins, max for me was 20. 

Slot: Book of dead

Bet size : 6 danish kroner = 0.80€

win : 4218 danish kroner = 566€

703x win





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@BTGKinG well done on your win. 70 spins is up thare with the highest i have ever seen. It looks like you had the Anubis symbol and with that many spins it has to really ramp up your winnings.

Nice hit on 0.80 euro stake winning 566 euro. Book of dead can do mad things. 70 spins. I bet it was nice to watch. Enjoy your winnings.

Welcome to casinogrounds and thanks for coming here to share it with us. I hope to see more wins posted up by yourself in the future.???.

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