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Banned on Twitch


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I got banned for 24 hours today becouse someone sent a porn picture that I accidetally opened. I really love watching viewers big wins, do you guy have any suggestions how we can do it without risking anything. Suggestions so far is dual screen/browser or mods permitting people to post links. I'm not sure what Twitch's take is on this and if the punishment would be even more harsh if this was to repeat itself? Feel free to discuss and come with suggestions

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Been watching your streams for a while now, I normally dont register the amount of viewer's you have, but I'm under the impression that you are just getting more and more viewers. 

More viewers equals more trolls, and now that one person has done this and showed a lot of others the damage you could do by just posting a single picture, there's probably gonna be even more people trying to do the same in the future. 

Tbh the best solutions are probably some of the one's you've already mentioned.

This trolling is just gonna get worse as the amount of viewers gets bigger is my guess

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Sorry to hear people just like to ruin everything for others. Give them a hand and they swallow your arm.

1. You should invest into a stationary PC OR if your laptop have a screenoutlet where you can have dual/Extra screen and stream one of the screens where you can check the screenshots yourself before showing the viewers on the other screen. 

2. You have an area outside your stream window so you allways have to drag in the picture extra work but worth it. 

When twitch strikes the banhammer its over and you will never be able to stream on twitch again from what I've heard from other people that gotten fully banned for same reason.

3. just let the mods check the screenshot before you open them. :)

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I have to say the actions of twitch seem very heavy handed which in turn plays  into the hands of those wishing to be a nuisance.

I guess everything has to be screened prior to posting. If you were to take on that activity then streams won't flow as well so making this a mod task seems like the best way forward.

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When I click on a link it opens the link in another browser than the one that is being captured by OBS. It is therefore seen by me only. Only when I see the picture is suitable do I open another tab in the browser captured by OBS and paste the link in it for all to view live on stream.

It saved me a few times showing unsuitable pictures live on stream 

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1 hour ago, David Labowsky said:

Rambobeaver007, that previewer looks pretty nifty, Do you have a link?

I tried 9 different linkpreviewers and found this on best for pictures. I am at work at the moment and can't remember the name of it, but I have it installed on my chrome browser. Will send you the link as soon as I am home. 

There was one more that you could be combined with this one för maximum compatability. :) 

Think this easy preview would be Quick and easy for streamers keeping the flow of things just as before. 

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