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Super monopoly money - Guessing contest

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As promised, you will be able to guess how much me and @Nick are going to get from the Super Monopoly Money wheel on the 29/12. The closest 3 guesses are able to win up to 15% each of the total wheel hit!

For the full article about the session go to: https://casinogrounds.com/christmas-bullet-super-monopoly-money/

Each wheel have a Cap of 10,000 SEK (2,000,000 SEK max win/wheel), if more than 10,000 SEK is collected all wheels will be spun and counted.
Starting balance will be 20,000 SEK, with 10,000 beeing recorded and played offstream to ensure that we at least get a fair chunk of money in the wheel (highlights of this will be published at 20:00 on Thursday, just after the contest closes and stream starts).
Only one guess per person can be made, please make sure to add your Twitch/Youtube screen name in the post so I can verify it. 

Payout structure:
3% for active Letsgiveitaspin/Casinogrounds players on Leovegas
2% for active - non Letsgiveitaspin/Casinogrounds players
1% for everyone else.

If your guess is within 10 SEK of the actual hit, you'll get a price boost of 5x the initial payout (15%, 10%, 5%), if your guess is withing 100 SEK of the actual hit you'll get a price boost of 2x the initial payout (6%, 4%, 2%).

If an active Letsgiveitaspin player guesses for a 1,500,000 SEK hit on the wheel and the actual hit is
 1,490,090 SEK, the person who guessed will get 15% out of 1,500,000, which would be a hefty 225,000 SEK cash prize! 

Happy guessing everyone!

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