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Epic Novo Session £7.5k!


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@Nicola wow! Super congratulations nicola on your wins. Dream run. 250 to 7.5 k in an hour. So happy for you. This will be the biggest win of yours i have commented on.

Its when you get it going nicola and get to a certain amount the pressure eases off because your balance is high enough. Then you can move from slot to slot and play good stakes with that feel good factor.

And as its kept rolling for you all the way it's beautiful to see. I love novo's myself nicola and i no you like them aswel. Brilliant bonus on indian spirit. And i remember reading once that its one of the harder bonuses to get.

The pictures you have posted are all good good bonuses. And i can imagine there was lots more slots in thare that you played and got good hits.

Overall nicola super congrats, great post and you enjoy your winnings.???. Nice.

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