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  1. Nice win mate congrats love seeing a slot pop off on a low stake
  2. Never heard of that casino or how legit they are while it is unfortunate what happened to you in this situation I do feel all casinos need to enforce more actions on this to protect their players like mentioned above you asked to have a 'spend limit' which didnt seem to work and also a non reversable withdrawel these are just 2 at the top of my head
  3. Congrats Emptyen good you cashed out €5000 enjoy your money
  4. nice lil win mate, like both intro and outro
  5. I stopped the grind about 30 minutes after I wrote this post as i was losing quite a bit and the discs seemed to not be landing that frequently I was playing on €1 bets and then lowered to €.50c bets i stopped the grind about 4 or 5 dics into level 2 and only got 1 bonus up to this point which only paid about 4 or 5x I do like the game but probably wont play it again in the end the grind really wasnt worth it for me
  6. I am currently grinding a Jamming Jars 2 Giga Jar has anyone here grinded it if so on what stake and was it worth the grind?
  7. I used to play there, I shut down my acc there after 1 day my deposits were currency converted from € to $ felt really sketchy to me to be honest
  8. nice one my man 👍
  9. What a hit with best symbol big big congrats enjoy the winnings
  10. Last €13 in my acc heres my picks for Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  11. Very good news to hear enjoy the winnings 🥂
  12. Big congrats on the win, I do believe you will get the money, as big as Leo are its suprising to me that they are kind of stalling on this hope you get money sooner rather than later
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