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  1. I agree that affiliatian takes many forms and again your right about it being real money but to clarify again i dont get paid per video. i know your not saying i do. As for the whole Nicola thing before she disapeared she said i was to blame for Casumo leaving the uk market which was not true i did have a video with Chloe on it which was instantly removed and i owned that mistake and said it was an oversight at the time. Thanks
  2. As i also stated previously i can not discuss the exact way it works as i am under an standard casino NDA.
  3. To clarify there is no max cashout as i only play with real cash. There is no per video fee as stated many times in previous threads. All uk streamers are going to be restricted as to which casinos they can stream on twitch this is not just me. I have now covered all points and will send proof of cashouts to Nick so he can see there is no max. I will not be dicsussing this further as i feel i have more than covered the concerns raised. Fin
  4. Just to clarify I do not get paid a fixed fee per video also this guy has posted this accross many sites making these claims. Always a new account as well. An example of what he is saying and quoting me as saying Sadly i can not do much if people decide to try and make lies up. I am currently taking legal advice to make sure this does not happen again. Thanks #baitmonkz
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