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Hello i need help......!!


I were playing BTG Bonanza for serveral hours and at the end of session i did some max bet for 50EURO and got the golds for freespins, have never been so happy!


But the bonus rounds starts and i can se my first spin go to X2, when i get a message about a server issue, that ive seen many times this year on several casinos....nd 


But this time, when i restarted and my bonus game didnt restart and i couldnt se it on the history ,so i contact the support...


They just said the same thing as i, "there is no such a bet" , "there is no history about this win"


i told them that im not stupid, and ofcourse that i couldnt see it either......and they really talked to me as i was making this up....


after a 30minits discuission with support, and no service they said that them would contact BTG and come back to me.....


2-3 days later i get an e-mail from casino support that the have contacted the game maker BTG, and that they couldnt find any error or lost bonus game....

the casino just said, there is no such a bet made, so we cant do anymore.

I got no help about this answer, and a Thank you, can we help you with something else?


Have never felt so bad for online casinos after this, and they are calling me a lier........


please help me, this cant be okey...:(

casino https://www.casimba.com/




but i hav

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Has your 50€ bet money been credited back to your balance, or are they gone aswell? In your account you can check all your bets under account history. select from -> to date for a list of all bets and winnings (credit/debit). Please paste a screenshot where you placed your bet leading to the bonus that is gone.

I know the casino could delete it from the history, but if they took a chance on this without knowing if you could proove the bet was made with a video or soemthing, it would be the end of them, so i hardly belive that happened.

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Sorry to hear this man...but seriously, stop playing at Casimba. I used their welcome promotion, didn’t win anything...a couple of days later they banned me from their site and all they’re sister-sites (no, I have not been a member at any other of them)...claimed that it was due to bonus-abuse :/ 

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It's hard to believe someone without evidence to support their claim, and without any the casino or provider cannot compensate from their end. Unfortunately if this is all true and there is no evidence to support your claim you are just going to have to forget about it and move on.

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