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Vulkanen Bet dodgy terms


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Wanted to make a deposit to VulkanBet today, then I saw a 10x max cashout of the bonus money received. Asked chat and they confirmed if you get a 10 euro bonus the max withdrawal will be €100 euro. The have a 40x wager and think these terms are fair


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wauw lol i haven't even noticed these terms. last week i used their bonus of 200% with a max of 60 euro bonus. when i deposit 30 (so totall 30 + 60) i went to a cashout of 450 euro and i collected it all, maybe i got lucky but its good that you share this


about the stalling payments, when i tried to withdraw the only availlable method was neteller, while their site says they got thrustly and such aswell, when i went to the chat they didn't even try to help me with this, they just said i have to use neteller. so i had to create a account there and then i finally could collect my money. 

so its strange that they don't do anything about withdrawing methods, it was like use neteller or go home

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