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DHV £10 Bonus..... Retrigger???


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So, yeah after losing more than i'd have liked this morning... i jump on DHV... £100 down at £5 a spin and the second 100 got down to 60 at £10 a spin before this hit. Lucky as fuck!

Could have at least retriggered. Had all the chance in the world :) ha Still more than happy with it though :P 


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@Boulder Cheers :P yeah was really pleased with it to say the least. @Craig smith yeah the second and third spins really made that bonus in al fairness. Ha the second joined everything up and the third just gave it multiple ways... first time i've had a bonus quite as clean as that, straight to the point and "there you go four spins of decent wins" :) @Euan750 Yeah not going to lie, that comeback was very much needed and now in profit once again.. ha yeah going to take a break for a few days while it cashes out. Otherwise i can see me trying to repeat that and that way trouble lays. 

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