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How can i report a betting site that stole my money?


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This is about beteast.eu, a pretty big site that actually stole my money.  I had been playing there alot, both casino and betting, sent all documents and they got verified. Made a couple of withdrawals, no trouble, most of them around 1k euro...


But the last one, of 11.000SEK got stuck in pending for like 1 month (this withdrawal was made 11th feb), so i contacted them. They answered that "the withdrawal to your mastercard got declined, you should try skrill instead"


Well, the withdrawal was still stuck in pending and i couldnt even cancel it and try a different method. However, i contacted them and i said that i dont have skrill, they then offered me a withdrawal through bank transfer, and i sent them all the info they asked me about.


Then i waited like 3 days and heard nothing about them, after i sent my bank detals so they could transfer my money. I then e-mailed them like 5-6 times without answer. They simple ignore my mails and my withdrawal was stuck in pending for another 2 weeks.


Today when i login at beteast.eu i see in my browser "beteast is now buff88. It seems like they have sold their site to another operator. And ofcourse my account has gotten deleted or something, cause beteast.eu doesnt exist anymore. I contact buff88 support and see if they can help me out, the answer i got is:


We bought the domains of several closed websites, beteast is one of them. However, we are not aware of any of your previous communications with them.


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