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Golden Monkey INSANE streak! (Long Video)


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@Huggehugg well hugge i watched the whole video. All 25 mins and its an interesting slot man. In the end a good result. Good fast editing. I think the bonuses are capable of paying more. Its the first time ive seen the game/slot hugge and off the same provider as casino zeppalin.

Super active monkey, its seems composed of lots of little wins from the wilds in place and they stay thare as long as you keep getting winning spins. 

It seems a good fun slot hugge with the design and its the first video of it i have seen. Which is good because it gets it out thare for the players to see.

Congrats on your win hugge and your balance just kept going up which was good. It ended up a real positive result and i got to see all 3 bonuses. 

Good video hugge, fun in parts. You hit a hot slot, you were right to stay on it and grind it and you got a result. Well done hugge, nice cashout, ??. And for such a long video i think you deserve a long summary of what i have watched. ☺. Well done hugge???.

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