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Pink Elephants FAIL!


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So after chasing some bonuses for a few hours I got a couple to pop, this has to be the biggest kick in the dick ever! I got 1 great bonus from Pink Elephants after a 2$ bonus win, then it ALL went down hill from there lol. 400 spins 150$ later to win 12$ on book of dead, 170 spins and 150$ later to win 4$ on Bonanza, 100 spins 50$ later to win......0$ and 0 cents from pink elephants. Hope you all have better luck then Ive had in the last few hours haha. the life on slots...IMG_1161.thumb.JPG.3bc5eaa0a11cfe7a2954f02eac96c4de.JPGIMG_1160.thumb.JPG.342908e3e5ce0c8ea01e0767e8c5ae3f.JPGIMG_1149.thumb.JPG.2265f97a51eb78576ffaf1a394c90878.JPG





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@Neganftw i can see your downward trend my friend and its unfortunate. On another day you may have got hot and went on a winning run. But the slots after pink elephant at the start were cold. And threw you out some terrible bonuses. Am not quite sure if it ripped your balance completely in the end but if so its just bad luck mate. 

It happens to all of us, the frustration, the annoyance in why didnt i stop when i got that good win earlier. Its the draw of slots and wee continue to play. Alot result in what has happened to you as shown above. 

On the other hand i respect that you have taken the time to put your post up and say it how it was. And how the slots treated you. Your not alone in the fact of shit bonuses. But fair play and respect for posting it up, giving everybody a chance to see it and comment if they wish.

So respect for your post and all i can say is i hope you have better luck next time and wee see a big win post put up by yourself. ??.

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