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rtp on EVERY game WAY below what it states


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depends what games you play. It's standard for me to get 10% RTP when playing DHV from 100 spins  .... but then RTP jumps to 1,000%+ when the bonus finally hits

If you are playing some shitty netents or low volatility games and you get 10% RTP even over 100 spins, run very far away.

To answer your question, yes, on high volatility slots it is fairly normal to get 10% RTP on 100 spins, unfortunately. On low volatility slots it's pretty rare. You can play Book/Merkurs and have 100 spins without a goddam win, as I have done. Or play reel king and gamble the ladder for another 0% RTP. Plenty of video evidence of white rabbit feature buys (100x) paying stupidly low amounts too. Love the volatility though because all those shit bonuses will eventually yield a monster on BTG/high volatility slots.

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A more descriptive way to explain RTP is like tossing a coin. Your average RTP would be 50% over the long run but you could always pick heads and the first 5 tosses could be tails. Eventually, the heads will come and even out the RTP in the long run. So when a slot has 96% rtp, you could go 100 spins with 10% rtp, then in your next 100 spins have an RTP of 182%. That would give you 96% rtp. Of course, you could go your first 100 spins with 1000% RTP or more, then go 1000 spins with nothing. That is what gambling is, a risk. 

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