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Joined a casino a while back called 77Jackpot. It was playing in Euros which was the first red flag I then asked the chat who said they accept uk players and that my bank will convert between euros and pounds so I thought fair enough. I was shocked at the huge bonuses with 50x bonus wagering which is ok I guess best ive ever seen is 35x bonus. Then the slots... you could quickspin the novomatics, the autoplay had no settings and the balance figure had no currency symbol. I found this really odd! The netent games also seemed to go 20-30 without a win quite regularly so I started to feel like I had been punked (this was a few hundred in to the casino). I looked at reviews and found out that their slots were actually fake which allowed them to alter their own RTP in to the games. Then with further research, found that they actually didn't have a uk gambling commissions gambling license which has been a requirement for casinos accepting uk players since 2014. I took this to the chat and said what they were doing was illegal and they said yes it is... all they had was a flimsy Curacao license. They then tried to bribe me with free money adding 100 euros in to my account. It made me feel sick and so scammed so I emailed the uk gambling commission about it and yet to receive a reply. What steps should I take primarily for getting this casino remove and secondly potentially getting my money refunded? Thanks very much! Sam5ab1126cb3b03_Screenshot(3).thumb.png.e2a94ddd2eb12f8323f015784b4d5f9c.png5ab11272ca01d_Screenshot(4).thumb.png.4d60113a3bbaf178f725eb27751725ac.png5ab11278bed38_Screenshot(5).thumb.png.145498f91740f0e069fb71003faef798.png

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I googled that casino....oh dear...what a mess.

In terms of getting them removed - you're pretty much powerless. The UK authorities are extremely unlikely to pursue any real action against them as they are based offshore.

As for your money - if I was in your situation I would take it up with my bank and take their advice on a chargeback. Again, pretty messy and expect this to drag on and on without much support from your bank.

If you've only lost a small amount of cash then you might be better off putting this one down to experience and consider it a lucky escape....it could have been much worse.


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