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danger high voltage win 60p stake over 200x


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On 24/03/2018 at 19:06, rachonak said:

0.5$ stake. 600$ big win x1200


Rachonak really nice win mate. Enjoy your win and thanks for  posting it up. ?? i can see you have just joined casinogrounds on the 24 th march. I hope you post up more wins and i hope you enjoy everything the site has to offer.???. Little tip mate, this is in the wrong thread/post. Next time go to BIG WINS heading and start your own post of the win your posting up. Then your win will sit alone and people will notice it and comment on it. 

If you look at the the very top of this post/thread its leeunited17. So just a tip mate next time go to BIG WINS OR EPIC WINS and start your post of your win. But well done man?. Can be a little confusing to start with. 

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