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Good session


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Was not going well. Lost 1000€. Then went all in. I was down 1700 when I started to win. First 500€ on Bonanza. Then 500 on Raging Rhino. 

Then Moon Princess & TED around 800 each. Then 1000 on Danger HV. Finally over 2500 on Reactoonz. These plus a few decent smaller wins have me a net profit of over 5k€.

Nice to cash out but on the limit of what I can afford. Please be careful. Don't spend more than you can afford mates! 


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@nallez1 thankyou for posting up this picture. And your words along with it. It does show the dangers of going to deep and literally being on your knees monetry wise. Thankfully you got out of it and found a spark in a good win and got rolling from thare.. You ended up the positive side, not negative. It explains the dangers as you have said going close to the edge. Anyway congrats on your escape and im Pleased you did very well in the end. Thanks for posting it up??.

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