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Bonanza Massive Fail


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1 minute ago, Craig smith said:

@BoracicLint when i see that my man i feel for you, also it dosent seem right in a way because the bonus is that dam hard to get.  And as you probably no the potential of bonanza is sky high. Its a shame bud, keep on trying?.

Thanks Craig.

The £50 at SkyVegas a couple of hours later helped ease the pain a little but it does make you pissed when you keep getting small payouts on a high volatility slot. I will keep plugging on.

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@BoracicLint it feels like the villain in question -( bonanza) is out to get you. Its like- (coming from the villian)-  here comes boracicLint again and hes ground the hell outa me to get this bonus. I could pay him 2000 x but im not. Im going to pay him a terrible amount as usual.( back to yourself)-  I think you have a war going on with bonanza my man and its still raging on. I will wait for the next post to see who has the upper hand☺?. Bin real good fun writing this post as its an attempt at some fun but back to buisiness it isnt fun seeing you constantly get shafted by bonanza bonuses. Keep trying my man as i no deep down you enjoy the game. I wait for that 2000 x post and i sincerely hope you get it☺☺.

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@BoracicLint well my friend what can i say. The top one on a £1stake follows your usual recent run. Awful bonus. Then you lower the stake to 0.60 p and you get a pretty decent bonus. . i will say awful on the first one and an overdue congratulations on the bottom picture. 

What i will add is i think there is alot more in thare for you to win on bonanza. As you no. I do hope very much to see a 1000 x win someday posted up by yourself. But yeah thares definately more in thare for you on bonanza. Even a 500 pound win. Keep trying and i do hope to see a biggy posted up at somepoint. Congrats on your bottom picture win. Your moving up???.

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@BoracicLint am sure bonanza has eyes ? and can see you playing. And it decides to throw you out pathetic bonuses. I mean your stake isnt bad at all. At 0.60. 100 x is £60. But you seem to continually get awful bonuses. Thats my eyes theory that it can see you. You have had one decent bonus to date and your turn will come, 

It has to. Its like grinding dead or alive for a wildline is kinda the equivalent of what your trend is. The question will come eventually in that when you do hit a monster bonus on bonanza and post it up will you keep playing it. Which may result in another big bonus i hope but may result in the same small bonuses pattern you are getting at the moment.

I think you will keep playing it which if you like the game why not.  But overall my man ONE good bonus will take away all the pain of the rubbish your getting at the moment bar one decent bonus.

Ive tried to give you an overview of what i see. And i do hope your big bonus is soon. Although i could be saying the same this time next year.( i hope not) you no what slots are like. I will wish you good luck again my friend and lets hope your next post is a better one. Your stake is actually ok at 0.60. 

Good luck.☺??.

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My biggest wins seem to come on Netent slots and particularly Jack and The Beanstalk.The problem is that those big wins are still few and far between and it can get a bit boring too. I really do like Danger High Voltage but cannot get it to bonus at all and its base game wins are generally absolute crap. I don't really have the budget for £1 and £2 spins very often so my style is just to grind out wins.Unfortunately those wins aren't very commonplace of late. I've hit runs of over £1000 worth of wins in just a couple of days but those days seem distant memories now.

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