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Moon princess Storm 375x


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8 hours ago, scottiebhoy said:

Nice one. My best win is off love and star. both approx 500x

Yeah everybody kinda assumes that Love is the best one. 500x is nice win. I think with 20 spins max, once you reach 20 the game will stop giving you big scores with 5 princesses. Max I got was in the 600x, @CasinoReggie also had one on stream. Dont think Moon P is capable of giving 1000x but as long as it gives frequent 500+ wins then who are we to complain :)

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I was sceptic as well eventhough I had a 100+x win on it before. It just seems like 5 of a kind is impossible but it may not get you a five of a kind immediately because it will remove symbols but got 2 five of a kinds in this run.

Funny thing is I did choose Storm as a safe bet because the trinity already gave me €50 and I did not want to be salty by picking Love and get nothing. Was ok with 50-100x got 375x ;) 

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