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lets get together and win


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Could be fun, but how would this work? Maybe for people to consider this you need to be more specific on what you have planned?

Questions that come in mind are:

  • Where do you planning to play?
  • What games are you thinking of? (Live casino, slot, sportsbetting)
  • How would people be able to participate?
  • When will this take place? 
  • Will you play on behalf of the group?
  • Will this be streamed? 
  • What payment tools are preferred (Paypal?)

Good luck hosting

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29 minutes ago, Skylined87 said:

I wouldn't recommend doing the idea above as it raises several issues:

- what if players which are not allowed at certain casinos are participating?

- how does one know you won't just keep the funds to yourself

- tons of "legal" issues

My vote here is definitely no :) 

This would prob only go well with a group of trusted people within your own social circle. That's why I was raising the questions well because I do not see how this would work tbh. 

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Yeh it's fine with friends who are at your house but beyond that it's not worth it because you don't gain any edge by doing this yet you open yourself up to a lot of potential problems as skylined mentioned . It's not like poker where you could buy a piece of a good player . Here a group of 5 players betting £10/spin on a slot is no different from one player betting £2/spin . I guess there might be some VIP/loyalty advantages to be had if you do it a lot but that's about it

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