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New UK legislation to stop 'trapped' funds


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Announced on BBC this morning - the government are introducing rules to stop people's deposits being unfairly locked in by wagering bonuses.


  • Players will not be required to play multiple times before they can withdraw their own money
  • Gambling firms must ensure that any restrictions on gameplay are made clear to players, and cannot rely on vague terms to take players' money

I know what will happen here - wagering will be increased to make bonuses harder to achieve, but they'll probably work like most poker bonuses.


I can see schemes being introduced where you 'unlock' part of a bonus when you wager so much but you'll be free to withdraw whenever, and if you do, the remainder of the bonus gets cancelled. I agree with the move but this could be the death of decent bonuses.

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Stupid Government interference.

If you don't like the funds locked into requiring wagering, then don't take the bonus - simples!

All this will result in is worse wagering requirement or that the UK will be bonus banned, just like other countries are at casinos.

And those that that actually use a bonus for what it is intended for (extended play time - it says in most of the t's and c's) will lose out.

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This is a positive move. 

The outcome is still pending but the CMA appear to be coming to the conclusion that casinos have been breaching consumer law in the UK on an industrial scale with their terms and conditions.  

I imagine those that stand to profit from the bonus baiting will be unhappy with this turn of events.


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Videoslots offer that bonus that you describe at the end of your post already! It’s a pretty decent way to offer a bonus. I personally never take bonuses as I don’t deposit huge amounts! I do feel it will be a bit of a shitter for streamers as bonuses sometimes add that extra time to their streams and boost their balances double in most bonuses taken. Will be interesting to see how far they are going to crackdown on gambling as they seem to be focusing on it a lot lately 

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I think this is a good move from the government and good for the industry. At the moment bonus terms are so bent towards the operator and for the most part are well concealed behing terms the average player doesnt read.

The operators need to change their tune to act fairer towards the player, this will only help.

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