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Hello fellow gamblers and viewers!


My name is Oktay. I am 26 years old, born and raised in Halmstad. Lived in Halmstad until I was 21 and then moved to Markaryd, a small town 40 min away from Halmstad. 

I have been a huge fan of casinos and gambling ever since I was 16 and started playing some poker with friends. When I was 18 the gambling took off to another level and I have gambled non stop ever since. Big ups and downs as gambling is... Poker was the only thing I touched though until I was 24, made some good profits on live poker games and tournaments, then the slots came into my life and that was my thing ever since.

Im new to this forum but I have been watching Letsgiveitaspin and other streamers on Twitch and youtube for over two years streaming, under my first nickname RipnRolla! A friend of mine told me there were casino streamers and I have been hooked to these kind of streams ever since! Always watch Kim play because he was the first one I started watching and he always seemed to be the most genuine streamer and most entertaining!

I have thought about doing my own stream for very long, since I gamble almost daily and thought it would be fun with viewers to make it extra fun while gambling!

So today I went LIVE for the very first time to try it out. See if my computer and internet was good enough. And yes they were! Free of lags but might need to invest in a new camera and mic soon if I decide to continue streaming for a while! Maybe I just should go to Biltema and buy a mic for 99kr as Kim said he did, haha! I think he still uses that mic after 2 years of streaming xD


I will try to be LIVE 5 times a week, or how often my budget lets me, since I almost play everyday anyways. So if you would like to see a new face with new good bonuses to offer I would really appreciate if you stopped by my stream and say HI! My Twitch username is CasinoWay!


Hope to see you in stream and I really appreciate feedback if you have any!



Oktay - CasinoWay 

Gambling and casino streamer



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