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[GAME PROMO] Panda Money (Big Time Gaming)

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Play Panda Money slot by Big Time Gaming on any of the casinos listed here and submit your big win (screenshot or video) in this topic and win Amazon Vouchers!*



10 x €50 Amazon Vouchers

*ENTRY / POST REQUIREMENTS (follow the post format):
1. Minimum of 30x win (screenshot/video)
2. What casino you played on + constructive feedback on the game (not just "game is okay, graphics are fine...")
3. Must be played on casinos listed here and posted within promotional period on the forum (please verify game is present on the casino you decided to play on)



*Terms & conditions:
- Promotional period - 07/02/2024 - 14/02/2024 23:59 CET
- This Promotion is organized by CasinoGrounds.
- You will need a verified player account at the casino you submitted the win from.
- Prize draw will take place 16/02/2024 and winners will be credited latest by 20/02/2024, given that all will provide information needed and that their entries are verified. 
- Amazon vouchers can not be claimed in Amazon India
- One prize per person.
- Only real money screenshots/videos accepted as entry (bonus money is allowed if you claimed a bonus).
- Winner(s) must respond within 1 month period from contacting. If not, the prize and the right to claim will be forfeited.
- This promotion is subject to change at any time.
- 18+, GamblingTherapy.org

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X-Win: 72x

Casino: Casino Friday

Feedback: This game is wayyy too slow. I know BTG makes games for British market but I would like to see a way to speed up the spins in other markets. Thank god they added a option to skip the big win count up. Basic game isn't really for me because I don't like the lenghty respins for 3-10x wins. One mechanic that I liked was that the megaways could grow through the respin. Bonus mechanics for the multiplier was also good imo. 


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225x at ibet

gave it around 150-200 spins, the base game was pretty bad :D very slow spins and the pays are way too low for my likings, filled half of the screen whit premiums and got payd 3x. bonus game was pretty nice liked how the multis works on it. definetly a bonus buy game in my oppininininion. 3/5 might buya few bonuses on it in the future, but definetly staying away from the base game


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112x played at Spinz!
Did not put much money into basegame of this, I guess the bonus is kind of unique with the multi system but it stops for me there. I can not literally see how this could pay 67000x, but would love to see someone do it. I used to be a big fan of BTG back in the days but lately nah.. :/ overall 3/10.

panda money 112x spinz.JPG

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55x played at Wildz

Very very slow game in the base, respin feature that goes for less then 5x so many times is mind-boggling. Absolutely nothing exciting in the base game because the pays are so low. The bonus can get existing but it's one of those that u would need so many things to go on your way to hit a big on it and when i say big it's 1000/2000x for this game. Apollo Pays has a better bonus then this even do they are quite similar. 4/10. 



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X-Win: 444
Casino: Spinz 
Feedback: I liked this very much. It is nice game for wagerin bonusses when you don't want to lose all your wins, because this game gives at least some wins and have nice big win potential. Nice base game locking style megaways I don't remember to playing this kind of megaways earlier. Bonus needs those bambus and lot of them to get that multi high so it can give a lot of money. For me that 444x was like fourth bonusgame so that bonus does not pay every time and that is big minus because you don't want to play those lousy bonusgames.


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X-Win: 32,5x
Casino: Casinia
Feedback: Seems very low volatile game with 7,2x being favorite win. Re-spin megaways is nice, but when start to have chances for bonus you have no spots left on the reels and didn't see any bonus symbols on top row when played so I assume you're screwed when all reels are full of collected symbols. I did gamble for bonus but missed so didn't get to play a bonus 😔 Could be nice game for wagering, pays are very small so I was wondering if its even possible to hit 30x 😂


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X-Win: 120x
Casino: Wildz
BTG gives us another game with good mechanics. The classical multiplier with re-spins. Game is great and all but seems kinda volatile, first bonus was also my best one (worst being 0.1x!!!). Need bigger bankroll to try this game properly. Key seems to be bunch of re-triggers but they seem to be gone after first bonus. Couple of tweaks and next version of this game could be awesome


Screenshot 2024-02-09 220419.jpg

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X-Win: 60.9x
Casino: Energy-casino
A very slow game from BTG. Not really fun. Very slow spins. The music is also not intoxicating. The bonus can certainly be good with the multipliers, but unfortunately I don't see much potential in the game. No features, nothing special. I hope they bring better games to the market in the future. 3/10

energy chrizzto panda money 60.9x.JPG

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X-Win: 68.45x
Casino: K8.io

Feedback: I don't really like megaways slots so I rarely play any BTG. I have to say this has a little different game mechanism. Bonus has a huge potential but you have to chew a lot of bamboo to build up a decent multiplier. The $0.4 as a minimum bet size is a little bit too high for my taste. Overall: 6/10



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X-Win: 30x
Casino: Qbet


Good feeling slot, but i dont like the chance to gain freespins, but yeah this typical for BTG. Panda Money is built around its Prize Builder feature, which holds winning symbols when they hit, building the win if more winning symbols respin in. The Prize Builder is available in the base game and in free spins, where a win multiplier is also added. Can hit big with luck see with multiplier on my screenshot with the 9s :)


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X-Win: 44x
Casino: Energycasino
Somehow it's a "typical" BTG game. Megaways, multipliers. The only thing that's "different" is that the🐼 eats bamboo  to increase the multi. The slow spins are sometimes annoying. Music is not entertaining. I prefer other slots from BTG. CGPandaMoneygeiss-44x.thumb.JPG.4acdb2d468a96745886c485c93cfb44b.JPG

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40x playing on ibet.

Fun slot but little to slow when u hit three of a kind symbol it can go on a while and you win nothing or big i can see how it can pay big. but this slot is not anything for me whit adhd need to go faster the basegame. bonus is the same thing but u also get multi and so on. 


Skärmbild 2024-02-13 095002.png

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