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[GAME PROMO] Brew Brothers (Slotmill)

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Play Brew Brothers slot by Slotmill on any of the casinos listed here and submit your big win (screenshot or video) in this topic and win Amazon Vouchers!*



10 x €50 Amazon Vouchers

*ENTRY / POST REQUIREMENTS (follow the post format):
1. Minimum of 30x win (screenshot/video)
2. What casino you played on + constructive feedback on the game (not just "game is okay, graphics are fine...")
3. Must be played on casinos listed here and posted within promotional period on the forum (please verify game is present on the casino you decided to play on)



*Terms & conditions:
- Promotional period - 01/02/2024 - 08/02/2024 23:59 CET
- This Promotion is organized by CasinoGrounds.
- You will need a verified player account at the casino you submitted the win from.
- Prize draw will take place 12/02/2024 and winners will be credited latest by 15/02/2024, given that all will provide information needed and that their entries are verified. 
- Amazon vouchers can not be claimed in Amazon India
- One prize per person.
- Only real money screenshots/videos accepted as entry (bonus money is allowed if you claimed a bonus).
- Winner(s) must respond within 1 month period from contacting. If not, the prize and the right to claim will be forfeited.
- This promotion is subject to change at any time.
- 18+, GamblingTherapy.org

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X-Win: 51
Casino: Wheelz
Feedback: Another great game from SLotmill! I really like that the bonus seems to hit quite freqluenty with the bonus bet and you can really see the potential. Nothing special in the base game but it's worth it to grind for the bonuses with bettys! 9/10 slot for me.

Näyttökuva 2024-02-01 210138.png

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X-Win: 36
Casino: Leovegas
Feedback: The old betty symbols being able to drop multiple wilds(that can also stack) is really fun, minbet is a bit much for me to play it alot but I can see the potential for huge wins in the basegame etc if you are lucky. Will give it more of a go on playmoney to play the feature a few times.


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140x (93x with extra bet counted) played at Spinz
After several bonuses paying 10-20x I finally got to see some pontential in this slot. Base game could also offer some nice wins with the old betty feature. I´m not the biggest fan of slotmill but this game was kind of fun tbh. Overall 6/10.

brew brothers 140 el 93x spinz.JPG

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X-Win: 33x
Casino: Leovegas
Feedback: What a game.
I have made a lot of spins with the Bonus Boost bet. Not a single freespin. The money just ran through. I then reached the bonus in burst mode. But it also took a very long time. I only just managed to get 30x. I miss other random features. Old Betty is not bad, but she has to appear twice. And even when she appears, she doesn't always have to distribute several wilds. That's pretty tough. The sound gets tiring after a while. Maybe I was extremely unlucky, but this won't be my favorite game because of the lack of "tension"🥳


33x leovegas - geissbock - CG Raffle Brew Brothers.JPG

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X-Win: 100x
Feedback: Horrible basegame, very few wins. Feels like need to use Fast track to have some chance of big wins. Basic bonus is nice, and readind about the other versions makes me intrigued but 7 spins without retrigger possibility makes it sound hard to get.


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X-Win: 63.7x
Casino: Leovegas
I'm a big Slotmill fan because Fast Track gives you options, not only a simple bonus buy. This game just feels too simple for me. Everything about the wilds and that's it. I like the moonshiners theme and graphic but it needs more spice on the concept. Overall: 6/10


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66x leo

Fun game, I like the old betty wilds in the base and obviously even more in the bonus. Sticky wild bonuses are always fun, i found the pay lines pretty odd but that's something you'll get used to after playing a while. Another fun slot from Slotmill.


brew broskis cg promo.jpg

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194x qbet (129x with extra bet)

Slotmill opted for a slightly more mainstream approach, setting up a fun, out the back of beyond location to let the gameplay shine through. This it certainly can do when the stars align, not forgetting that it is 'very highly' volatile, so it won't always do so. The scatter-to-wild feature helps things along, and Old Betty's wild add is appreciated as well. One of the ultimate achievements would be triggering the Tractor feature effect. 


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X-Win: 49.9x
Casino: BitKingz

Some cool things with this slot; Slotmill has been one of if not my favourite provider of 2023 ; Considering being new in the casino scene and this slot has a fun approach of the quite common sticky wilds concept in slots. Got a few normal bonuses when spinning; and a few Old Betty features in the base game.

The fast tracks has fun options to play around with - tried one of each except for guaranteed Double betty bonus; 

I would have wanted the Betty’s in the bonus to not be able to dead spin.. had 2 bonuses where almost every spin was a dead spin and that was tiny bit tilting. It’s fine it can do it in the base game but in the bonus minimum 1 added wild and maybe max capped 3 or 4 per betty instead of the now 5 would maybe made it feel more powerful when getting to land that feature. 

Maybe some kind of way to get +1 Spin instead of wild or something from the Betty’s would have been fun as 7 spins can feel quite low if first 2 spins is dead spins.

otherwise solid fun game; never got too see the tractor feature will have to test it out more times in the future 🫡

Had a few higher wins but since was with fast track opted to go with the one that was spinned from normal spins. 


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89x at leovegas

i tryed some feture buys and base spins. What i would like better in the game is that if its not lines and connection insteed. Because then its easier to understand because i dont know the line if i dont check inside of the game it should be like i could see the lines with out open a tab in the game. Outherwize its q good game not the best from slotsmill. But the thing that bother me was that it was lines 


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55x luckycasino

It was a long time since i played a fun sticky wild game and what sets this apart from other slots in the same genre is the persistent wild jug in the bonus, but getting that early or in the trigger is nearly impossible and i dont like that it can fail and not give a single wild.



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X-Win: 88x
Casino: Energy Casino
First of all, I can say that it's a decent game. But I would prefer to see €0.10 as the minimum stake. With the bonus boost, I think €0.30 is quite expensive. But that's the way it is with Slotmill. I think it's good that the scatters turn into wilds if you miss. I also like the multiplier wilds. Had the Gold Betty in free spins. Unfortunately, she didn't feel like spitting out very many wilds: That has mega potential


88.6x energy casino Casinogroudns 6.2. - Brew Brothers.JPG

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189x ( 126x with the extra bet) played on Wildz

I usually don't play Slotmill game just for the reason that they feel so scripted. But all that aside i did enjoy this game, decent basegame,not that hard to bonus, the graphics are ok. I do like the mechanics of the bonus with the sticky wilds and the fact that u can upgrade... although they should have added some spins when u upgrade the bonus. All in all a 6/10.



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