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[FLASH PROMO] Multifly! (Yggdrasil)

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54x LeoVegas 

I’ve always been frustrated playing this slot. The potential to win big is always there but so is the potential to rip without winning anything. 
 I started off this time with 17 dead spins, this didn’t fill me full of confidence. The game plays well and the graphics are good. IMG_5987.thumb.png.4625af2266961c775e3d3d23698ac7a8.png

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Played on Pino Casino 23x

I think Multifly was the first Multimax game on the market. At the time, of course, a gamechanger and today certainly no longer so popular, in my opinion, there are titles that are also more balanced and a not quite so blatant triggers. Somehow the wild never goes to the place where you need it haha. Nevertheless, I still like the beautiful graphics and especially the speed of the gameplay. It lacks just the obligatory bonus buy but for that there are alternative slots. You must not compare the game like some here with for example Raptor, multimax vs doublemax, two different mechanics!

Thanks for the promo guys, I'll try to be more active in the future 😋


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37x Wildz Casino

Good old classic Multifly.....was on my go to list for a long time. Get this game rolling wins in the bonus it can go crazy with multi's. Biggest win on here was 1200x with 500x's frequently. But not today 🤪

8/10 Who doesn't love a googly eyed frog 🐸

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89x PartyCasino

Being  first of the games with this type of mechanics made it interesting, it's also the better version compared the new ones, mostly because it's ways and not lines. Another advantage is that you can get nice wins in the base as well which keeps the balance steady.

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