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[BONUS HUNT] €30.000 Thursday BonusHunt Battle - Win Up To €20.000! 31/08/2023

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ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS / FOLLOWERS, if you haven't Subbed / Followed before submitting your guess it will be void.

LetsGiveItASpin -- Bonus hunt giveaway time! 😍


* Please read ALL the rules for prize eligibility *


Competition and prizes

Guess how much all the features pay from our bonus hunt today (€30000 start).

The closest guesser will win €20000 if the result is more than 2 times the starting amount and the guessed  amount is exactly correct (on the Euro). 

The closest guesser will win €2000 if the result is more than 2 times the starting amount.

The closest guesser will win €100 if the result is less than 2 times the starting amount.


Prize eligibility (READ)

The above prizes can ONLY be won by active* players signed up through CasinoGrounds or LetsGiveItASpin, or active forum members.

Active players:

You need to have an account with one of the casinos in the linked list and made a deposit in the last 30 days (including today)

Active forum members

You need to have made 3 posts in this forum per week for the last 3 weeks. 

NOTE: If a player is not considered active as per above, a flat €50 will be paid out to the closest guess, you still have to have a casino account through This List 

Guess in the comments by typing your guess only (So for example my guess is 60122 then you type) : 60122 ( DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING ELS IN YOUR MESSAGE, No € or anything. ) 

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