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LetsGiveItASpin Goes To Vegas! $100.000 Stream From Bellagio, WSOP Main Event and More!

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Hey guys,

We're thrilled to share that on June 30th, we'll be heading to Las Vegas! We'll be posting dates that are set in stone below but make sure you follow on social media as there will be more streams than that. The budget for this trip is $250,000 so you'll see some of the craziest gambling ever 😍

Follow our Vegas Journey:

Very exciting news is that we're the first in the world to have been granted exclusive permission to stream at Bellagio! We're incredibly grateful for this opportunity and intend to make the most of it by setting up multiple streams.

We can't wait to fire up the first stream 🥳 Feel free to join the conversation here, where we can discuss your thoughts on streams and what you'd like to see more or less of.

Streaming schedule:

July 2nd (Sunday)

Slots / Video Poker / Table Games

Starting Time: ~9 PM CEST

July 5th (Wednesday)

Warm Up For Celebration Stream!

Starting Time: ~9 PM CEST

July 6th (Thursday)

$100,000 Celebration Stream!

Starting Time: ~9 PM CEST

Hope you'll all have a blast and may the good run be with us 🤑

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That was epic.

Landbase streaming is usually not my favourite because hard to follow the bankroll and you very often lose if you play landbase..

But this was awsome. Best I ever seen. You deserved it. YOU ARE THE BEST.


And it was pleasure to see your generous tips for dealers.

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Wow! That run up from 5K on roulette & BJ was amazing to watch! Was a brilliant decision to change games from casino poker and what a comeback it was!


How so many of those BJ hands kept holding was insane, and it was brilliant how every time dealer showed chat the important card first it turned out to be a banger and we knew you were profiting whilst you're still sweating waiting lol!


So pleased to see a deserved profit for you guys and glad it ended on a high! Keep Them Coming!

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Kim fan, stop tipping so much, you tipped 20ish thousand last stream. Tonight you tip 20k only if we hit the million agreed? 😉On a serious note, you are a free man to do whatever with your money, but sometimes I get the feeling people make use of your generosity, sickning to see. GL GL see you guys in an hour.

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