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Lost all reapect to Leo Vegas

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Last wednesday 7.6.2023 i woke up and put the coffey on. Then i thought that lets play some hippo pop with my morning coffey. I made a deposit of 20e and opened hippo pop. When game opened my balance was on 0 or i didnt have that 20e anymore. I thought it was just some glitch and closed game and opened it again but it stull was 0e. I contacted support and told what had happened. They said that they saw my depoait and didnt know where my 20e had gone. Then they said that its providers issue that they will contact them and get info what had happened. 

This morning i contacted again support asking about this thing as i havent heard anything after 5ish days. 

Again live supoort said that they had contacted hippo pops  people asking about this but they havent yet replayed. Soon after i contacted live support i got an email where Leo Vegas said that i have played a 20e round, a single round. 

Like seruously, i dont play that high slot bets or would never olay 1 single round on any slot with whole depo. I am just a casual slot player who likes ti play slot just for the fun with low/mid bets. Sport betting is different story....

I think i have made Leo Vegas account trough CG. Im adding screenshots of evrything i ciuld think of. 

This is mostly a principal thing, this 20e wont change my life way or the other. But if Leo Vegas loses my money like this even if its 20e then how can i have faith with them holding my bigger balances.

Screen shots addes has a picture of my game play, wich doeant show that 20e round. One screen shot wich shiws played 20e round came today as responce. Live chat screen shot shows that they cant locate my lost 20e and the are putting my case to "revelant department". One screenshot is todays emaul where they said that i played that 20e round.

In principal if i dont get that 20e back i will close my leo vegas account. I do really like leo vegas but little things matter in life.

Maybe someone here can help?

@Leovegas @Skylined87

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Very nice to see that Skylinedhas this sorted. I

felt that OP was making a big deal out of something quite futile. In other circumstances he may have moved on from it without making a fuss about it.

Cannot expect a casino to make a goodwill gesture when following procedures and escalating through appropriate channels.


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