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Why don't casinos allow VPN?

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Hi there guys, I was wondering about something and maybe there are a few experts out here to answer my question. 

We all know that there are plenty of online casinos nowadays that allow players to use VPN. All of them being licensed by Curacao or just being unlicensed. 

How come online casinos that are licensed by MGA or UKGC don't allow VPN use? Are there any reasons behind that term? 

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I imagine for the actual point in using a VPN. You use a VPN to hide your geographical location and casinos obviously are going to think you're playing from a country that isn't allowed. Also you could be using a VPN for money laundering, using someone else's details etc. This is why you really should never use a VPN. You've gave a site a great reason not to pay you

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Simply for secure and legal purpose. 

First of all you never know if your VPN provider has been the subject of a breach, many of them are not regulated. By giving them access to your details you give them power to use your data and you never know how they can be used. 

Second, when you use VPN casino cant tell if you use own money, you are who you are and in case of any illegal activities they cant identify you. If online casino is legal and dont want to loose its licence they need to make sure they have full control over who uses it. VPN makes you anonymous. 

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