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1 out 5 Londoners would do what?

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We can all agree gambling should never be considered a way to earn money. Apparently the high costs of living in UK make more people to gamble and hope to win.

Recent survey suggests 1 out of 5 Londoners, if they were handed £20 they would bet it in hope of winning big to help in cost of living crisis. 

Does it surprise you? 

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16 hours ago, karlosthegr3at said:

Not at all broken britain

It actually surprised me, thats a lot of people being desperate enough to risk money to loose this way. 

10 hours ago, Boulder said:

Well not for the bookis 😂🤑

Gambling is with human for very long time, and it will never stop, people will always find a way to be able to gamble. 

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