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I lost 42k in a day.

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So I’ve been gambling for the last 8 years (since I was 16). And I’ve lost a lot of money through the times. Gone hungry and missing bills etc. But this month was the final straw.

I am currently up 52k this month. But my genius was thinking that this was simply not enough. So I had two casinos with 16k in the first (won from 500 depo) and 28k in the other (from a 1700 depo).

I simply got greedy, then tilted and ended up rage betting…the whole balance of 28k was lost in less than 15 minutes. Then I cancelled the withdrawal of the 16k and went hog wild all the way down to 1.2k. At this point I am basically a broken man. 
I put the last 1.2 on Blackjack and somehow ran it up to 38k…I created the withdrawal and went to bed.

Less than 24 hours later I found myself having cancelled that withdrawal and having barely 10k left again. I was devastated. I was once again lost of hope.

But someway, somehow. I for some miracle managed to once again run it up. This time to 40k. 

I got lucky. But this has opened my eyes to the a whole new level of loss. I’ve never lost more than 5k in a day before and here I was losing 5k a spin on roulette.

I’ve got a problem and I have withdrawn and blocked my account on all the casinos I can play at…I am not taking more chances

I’m done for good.


Thanks for reading my 3am frustrations.


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Some general tips for quitting gambling:

1. Acknowledge that gambling is a problem for you and seek professional help.

2. Avoid situations that can trigger your urge to gamble, such as casinos, online gambling, and sports betting.

3. Join a support group, like Gamblers Anonymous, for understanding and encouragement.

4. Set goals for yourself and reward yourself when you achieve them.

5. Find alternative activities to distract yourself from the urge to gamble.

6. Be patient and don't give up if you experience setbacks.

I would really advice talking to friends, family and/or professional people. It might seems like a lot to do but it's better to do "too much" now than realise you haven't done enough and start gambling again

Good luck mate!


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you said it @GimbleGomble you were 'lost of hope'. You played with fire, that money was gone and you weren't going to get over it. A miracle happened and you got it back and withdrew it.

For your own sake don't turn this good story into a bad one. You were saved the shame and pain, somehow got the money back  - don't give yourself any chance of losing it. I know you understand, use that money in your life now instead of gambling it away. You did it. You won. Enjoy the money now. 

The greed of always thinking just a little more is what gets us all. Be the winner and don't look back. (Great story Gimble)

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Best way is if you feel your gambling too much you can always take some time out using your states gambling control. I e like u.k has gamban. They are great to help you stop. You can also take longer breaks using it also 

My inbox is open if you need a chat about it or anyone with a red name will be happy to chat anytime

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Sorry to hear this man, sooner or later gambling addiction hits everyone, you win and think you gonna win more, been there when I lost 18k one day, when I made 10k from 50e deposit, then lost it and chased it loosing another 8k.

You said you're done for good, I wish you all the best, you gonna feel the pain of gambling again and I hope you won't get tempted. 

Best way is to gamban. 

I have a "piggy bank" each time I want to gamble I put that money there, that works for me so far. 

Good luck💙


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@GimbleGomble I can feel your pain mate stay strong, I also lost more than 35K USD when i convert it into Indian rupees, which is my life time savings, I have self excluded now from gambling, I know i cant get back my money and time, and which indeed made huge financial problem in my life, I dont know what to do now, but I  fighting to find a way in my life. 

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[quote]"Lost 42k in one day"[/quote]

[quote]"I also lost more than 35K USD"[/quote]

[quote]"when danger game come out lost like 21k"[/quote]

[quote]' lost 18k one day"[/quote]


I hope you all used the correct affiliatelink to sign up before?

[quote] Nothing wrong with playing at casinos but make sure to play moderately to avoid terrible losses.[/quote]

Is it not a terrible loss if you get credited 35-50% revenue share of the lost amount ;)

[quote]huge financial problem in my life, I dont know what to do now, but I fighting to find a way in my life. [/quote]

Maybe you could start to compare onlinecasinos and show the best bonuses at your own website, where new player register using your reflink?

You dont need many player of that kind (who will loss 42k, with 35-50% revshare) for eliminate successful the whole financial problem at all. And if you advice responsible gaming at same time and people will lose all their money anyway its not your responsability at all, and you will get your money 100% legit anyway.


Kind regards

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