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Casino777.nl playing games with me?

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After waiting 2 months since the 28th of September I'm waiting for a withdrawal again, they claimed to have problems paying out to Revolut bank accounts though they verified me with it and accepted deposits from Revolut. I found a Belgian bank account I made some years ago and finally gave it to them. Even after 2 months their so called processing problem with Revolut still hasn't been solved 🤔. They promised me that from the 22nd of November the money would be in my account in 1-5 days. As of the 6th of December I still don't see anything in my bank account. I contacted their CS through the phone and chat many times and they told me that everything is fine and I would receive the money soon, that's a week ago. They cut me off in the chat now and aren't as nice as before now that I told them that I'm tired of waiting. All I hear is sorry this sorry that but I don't see a swift and precise method of handling the situation. It's really tiring. They tell me that their complaints team is looking at it "again" when it's that same team that promised me after waiting for 2 months already that I would get the money previous week. Ths is beyond ridiculous.


This was a review I made in November with a little bit more detail.

Several months ago I signed up at this online casino with my Revolut account, I was verified nicely and in the following months I deposited over 3700 euros in total, no luck. In September I win a nice amount with a low deposit. Now arriving at the payout I am told by customer service that cashing out to a Revolut account is not possible. I was literally lied to by the customer service, I had to write in an email why I have no Dutch account and then the so-called manager would do her best for me so I would receive the money quickly, after weeks of waiting no response. Again I was lied to. From the customer service I was then suddenly told that under no circumstances could be paid to my account.
On October 19 I filed a complaint with their complaints department after talking to a lawyer. Then suddenly it was that there are problems with payouts from the provider because of Revolut's move to Lithuania, something that has been almost 2 years ago. That is different again from not being able to pay out "at all". Too bad customer service was lying I guess then. To date there is no warning anywhere that Revolut is experiencing problems with them. I have been waiting since September 28 for that payout and we are almost in December now. Every time I am told to be patient, but this is not normal anymore hence this review to warn others about the practices Casino777 pulls off.
I then started poking around and found out that on the Belgian variant there was also someone in 2019 who also already had problems with Revolut with them. And since the Dutch variant also makes the payouts through Belgium, it is too crazy for words that this still hasn't been solved in 2022 and I am the victim of this.

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