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I made a random slot picker tool!


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23 hours ago, Nordstudio said:

Hey folks,

First of all I want to thank you all for diligently using Slotpicker! The website has seen steady growth since its launch in September 2022 and that is awesome!

I've begun planning an update for the slotpicker.app website, because there are a few things I'd like to add and improve. These include:

  • Adding more providers
  • Adding more filters, for example game features (e.g. "sticky wilds")
  • Making maintaining and updating the data easier

Updating the slot data is very time consuming and I have thought of ways to make that process faster, so that you can find new slots quicker using Slotpicker. I know a service that I could potentially use, providing data for thousands of slots, which would tremendously speed up updating slots.
However, that service uses different volatility ranges to categorize slots. For example, they are missing "Very high" and "Extreme", which Slotpicker allows you to filter by. Meaning Nolimit City slots for example will fall under the volatility level "High", as that is the maximum.

Now, my question to you as Slotpicker users is: What would you rather see on Slotpicker?

A: Slotpicker should use data from a third party service, which makes updating available slots and adding slots to Slotpicker faster and easier. However, the limits and structure of the data must be respected and can't really be modified (as explained before).

(If you know or are in contact with any services that provide slots data, I'd love to hear about it via PM)

B: Data on Slotpicker should be managed manually, meaning: Complete freedom in regards to filters, but adding new slots takes a bit longer.

Also, what are other features you'd like to see on Slotpicker? I'm excited to read about it! And yes, all of your previous comments have been seen :)

Thank you for reading and good luck on your next gambling session 🙌

Clearly, more freedom is better. But that's just the way it is for me.

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Definitely think your target audience should be streamers who could then implement this into their streams and then viewers can use. Even if you can't get any feedback from streamers, you could just sort of look at the main providers they play, especially during bonushunts. I think top priority is having all the top providers then add other features etc if need be later. GL with it all, already I love it. Regarding your data questions, this is something I don't know much about so would just go with what is easier for you

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