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Wins of the week(s) - approx. 6900x total

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Going through the archives of the latest two weeks, these good wins came up.

A couple of "almost-going-bonkers-but-eventually-pulling-the brakes" features in here, especially the Beast Mode Mystery Symbols one (no gamble btw) and the Gold Megaways feature. Extra Chilli delivered one of its famous purple troll screens too on the 397x win (but redeemed itself a couple of days ago with that 2800x cracker).

I did include the Rise of Gods Reckoning feature again, just because it's a damn good win, haha! Would have liked to post earlier to avoid the bulky screenshot part, but I haven't been able to upload in here in mid May for some reason; kept getting error message when trying to post. Well, now it's done!     

TNT Tumble 693x.jpg

Beast Mode 496x total.jpg

Beast Mode 496x.jpg

Beast Mode 640x.jpg

Beast Mode 640 x.jpg

Gold MW 829x total.jpg

Gold MW 829x.jpg

Iron Bank 448x total.jpg

Iron Bank 448x.jpg

Rise of Gods Reckoning 787x.jpg

Extra Chilli 397 x.jpg

Extra Chilli 743x total.jpg

Extra Chilli 743x.jpg

Extra Chilli 629x total.jpg

Extra Chilli 629x.jpg

Extra Chilli 397x total troll screen.jpg

Extra Chilli 397x.jpg

Extra Chilli 326x total.jpg

Extra Chilli 326x.jpg

Extra Chilli 252x base Aces hit.jpg

Extra Chilli 275x.jpg

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