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Lightning Roulette scammed

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Hello !


I played on the casino site , www.schnellwetten.com/ and i played on Lightning Roulette  , i bet 10 euro on number 24 , and 24 gets 500 x , and the balls lands on 24 and im really happy , but as soon as the ball lands on 24 i get this instead , "bets rejected " and my 200 euro went back and i didnt get my winnings.


i have talked to many support and Evoloution about this and they investigated it and sent the information to the casino , now the casino say i never made thast bet and they refuse to pay out my winnings 

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Hi @ogge, sorry to hear about your experience mate. It's painful when this happens.

The 'bet rejected' message when playing Live Casino can happen for any number of different reasons.
The most common reason is a connection/latency issue, where your devices connection to the game server is interrupted or not stable, or even the previous round is slow in settling. It can be a browser issue where you need to clear your cache and cookies, or just a general malfunction due to something entirely different. It is also common if you're switching between mobile and desktop during the same session, and/or playing more than one game at once.

In every casino game, you will find that 'any malfunction voids pays and plays', essentially meaning that the casino and provider are covered when issues like this happen. I know it's especially frustrating when this happens on a round where you would have had a big win, but if you've contacted Live Support on the casino, and also raised a ticket in game with Evo and they've both come to the conclusion that they can't find the bet in question, there's little you will be able to do about this.

This thread shows a similar situation, where the players bet was investigated and the casino refunded the bet amount. In this case, Evo was able to see the bet in question and notify the casino of this, allowing them to credit the bet back to the player. Unfortunately in your case, it seems there is no footprint of the bet.


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