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Advice needed with RocketPot

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Hi Guys, 

Need some advice please.

I've been working in Ireland for the last few weeks.  Thought I'd have a flutter so signed up to Rocketpot as have seen lots of youtubers using the site.  I hit a really nice win of $13k and thought I'd be sensible and cash out.  (very unlike me).  

Then I get the KYC verification email, sent off all my docs etc...  Unfortunatley I didn't realise as a UK resident I can't use the site!!!

I now can't log in and the chat operators keep saying communicate by email only.  I've offered to email in flights/hotel receipts to prove I've been in Ireland etc... But, i'm getting no response.

Question is, have I lost the money? :(



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25 minutes ago, Paul M77 said:

Question is, have I lost the money? :(

Simply put, yes.

Just because you have been on holiday or working in Ireland where Irish residents are allowed to play there, and any geo-filter would not have restricted your play, doesn't mean you're allowed to create an account and play as a resident of the United Kingdom, whilst in Ireland.

It doesn't so much matter where you are in the world, it matters where your legal residency is, and where you can prove valid citizenship of.



I know, it's painful. But, you should always, always read the terms and conditions before you create an account and start playing.

Furthermore, if one of these dodgy Curacao licenced crypto casinos are happy for you to create an account with nothing more than an email address and zero KYC, or even basic details being provided until the withdrawal stage, it's another reason why I'd always recommend to stay away from them. They'll take your money happily until it's time to pay out. Then they start giving a shit who you are, and where you're from.


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