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Ultra Casino Issue

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Hi everyone, i hope you going well.

I been lucky and max out Gates of Olympus 2 days ago. I won 7k on a 1.40$ bet 😇😇.


But now, i'm starting isssue trying to withdrawl money... I know by experience is not the 1st time and last time is gonna happen but i will be more than happy to withdrawl this money


I send all the document needed driver license photo (got accepted) utily bill (phone bill that got rejected) and credit card photo( that they never seem to see) 


Afther that, they say they cannot withdrawl money on my credit card, but they accept to deposit on it....?  why... i dont know... So now i try to find a solution to this problem.

I send back bank detail, but in canada we have a extra number on the account number its like 123 456 7, but on my bank statement we do not see the 7, so i dont know if that gonna be accepted... 

I'm juste worried to be screw up once again for a casino website... I cleary send all legal/ask document but seem to be stock somewhere again

There a video of my luck https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/2xMTnmdxvW

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Hi @Brunoob,

Thank you for getting back to me via private message; I'm updating this thread as well with the most updated info. :) 

The reason why you have been requested to withdrawal via bank transfer, is because, unfortunately, the card you used for depositing doesn't support withdrawals. I've advised you to contact your bank regarding this, to see if they can change this for future withdrawals. 

The pending withdrawals were processed via bank transfer earlier this week, so therefore you should receive them latest by next week. I've advised you to contact me incase the funds haven't reached your bank account by Tuesday 10th of August. 

Once again, I would like to apologize for the experienced inconvenience, and hope that we were able to make your experience a bit better with the compensation we added to your account yesterday. :) 

Kind regards,


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4 minutes ago, Jeroen83 said:


some debit credit cards, dont allow you to drop in money directly as you can when using the CC functionality. Hit in a IBAN or so and it should work. At least thats how my casino works. This limitation is imposed by the bank, not the casino.

I dont mind withdrawal by bank transfer if Visa is not working. But there not even able to do the bank transfer, its been now at least 3 week that i have won and not able to get the money.. Visa not working Bank transfer not working

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