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Crypto dangers

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Hi folks

Some may be aware I'm a problem gambler, some may not. I go through patches of being clean and then being in the gutter. Nothing I have done to better myself really ever made a difference. The point of this post is to point out a dangerous flaws that could impact problem gamblers & potentially underage people, mainly associated with crypto sites which get advertised by select streamers with dangerous consequences for many. 

I'm sure a lot are aware of streamers who play sponsored money to entice onto these sites - Luckily this isn't a vice of mine...but it could be for others. These type of sites will allow you to sign up with full name, email address & date of birth. I haven't been asked once to verify even with a withdrawal. When things got tough I asked for a self exclusion - This only self excluded that specific email address...if you had another you could use it to blow more money again - Thus making self exclusion completely pointless. 

Before people point out this is my own doing - Correct it is! I deliberately used a VPN, I placed the bets and lost...The point of the post isn't to be sour about losing, its to point out the dangerous flaws in these sites. They're advertised by certain streamers with minimal/no financial input with 100k bonus buys advertising a dream that no one playing realistically will ever reach! 

Hopefully at some point these sites will become regulated more carefully. The streamers advertising with "sponsored" money will not be allowed to stream

...Until then these sites are a very big danger to underage people and problem gamblers as they have no facility to protect either.

Stay safe everyone ❤️ 

(Please note im fully aware my addictive issues need addressing but this is just an observation I felt I should put forward).

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The way it's going with all these scam streamers conning people , those who stream game content to kids then gamble and simple put 'over 18s only' which is just going to encourage any under 18 to watch even more and twitch don't seem to care or even age gate gambling streams, I feel the government's will eventually get involved. There's way too many vulnerable people being affected now and these rogue streamers are ruining it for all the fair ones. So so sad and such greed. The ones who are the lowest of the low are them scumbags who have massive followings and make a shed load from subs and donations but still feel the need to pray on innocent victims. Another sad thing is even when people warn others like you have @Ash people will still not care and chance it

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