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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to post an NBA pick that I have a lot of confidence in. I started sports betting seriously 3 months ago and have an ROI of 300%. I know it could be hard to believe, but there was definitely some luck involved in some of my wins. NBA this week is tricky especially because some teams don't care if they win or lose and some teams have their playoff/playin life on one or two games. After looking through today's card, I came to the conclusion that there is the most value on betting on LA Clippers -13.5 (v. Toronto Raptors). Clippers have stellar defense and are looking to secure their 3rd place berth in the Western Conference. Raptors, on the other hand, are currently sitting at 12th in the Eastern Conference standings and have absolutely no chance of making playoffs/playins. Clippers will be playing their hardest and with the combo of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard attacking the rim, the Clippers will look to take the game. 

Ill be positing NBA picks that I feel have a lot of value, but I always welcome feedback on my picks! Please post other picks that you guys think have value and feel free to agree or disagree with me. 


PICK: LA CLIPPERS -13.5 (-110)


This is my win/loss from last week! I'll be posting weekly results so please stay tuned!

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Ill take the bet, lets win this one. 

Maybe its a bit easier to post it something liek this

Event: LA Clippers v. Toronto Raptors
Forecast: LA Clippers -13.5 
Odds: 1.95


This makes it easier to find the bet :) 

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Best of luck!

From what I've come to understand, NBA is extremely competitive and very hard to beat in many markets.

Maybe if you chase some stale lines,
but the margins on Euro bookies are higher than on Pinnacle et. al and some of the competition does the same in an automated way.

Will follow thread but won't tail bets because I cannot stand to bet at 5 points lower than available (alas not for me) at the best books.


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