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Manhattan did indeed go wild...


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A while ago I wrote this in another thread:

"No Limit City didn't invent bonus buys to be fair, but certainly took it to another (shitty) level. 750x buys? Naaah, not enough - let's do a 2000x buy. What's next? 5000x buy? [...] I can't play No Limit City slots in Denmark, and I don't have any intention to do so either. No Limit City slots seem great in terms of gameplay, graphics, potential etc., but I just can't support a provider with this kind of one-track-mega-bonus-buy-mindset. It's getting unrelatable, you know?"

Well, now I can actually play No Limit City slots on a few selected sites, and I admit I did try out some of the games I like in terms of forementioned gameplay/potential: Tombstone, Tractor Beam, Book of Shadows, Dragon Tribe - and this one, which has the socalled "Wild Party" base game feature. Giving it a go turned out to be a good idea after all - 1215x right there. But I'm still not gonna buy those mega-bonuses, haha...

Manhattan Goes Wild 1215x.jpg

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Congrats on the big win.

Ive done some bonus buys on no limit but it dosent seems worth it in the long run, even done the 4000kr on San Quentin.

But it just about pays ure money back nothing more or u loose alot.

But my almost 7000x was without bonus buy on fire in the hole, and managed 800x on San Quentin from a 3 scatter trigger, havent been able to hit 4+ in 1000s of spins.

If your playing No Limit go for Tivoli Casino or Royalcasino in denmark they both run the higher RTP Videoslots on the lowest ofc.

Hope Leovegas and Casumo get them soon or hell Unibet even.

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21 hours ago, zaktron said:

If you're playing No Limit go for Tivoli Casino or RoyalCasino in Denmark, they both run the higher RTP. Videoslots on the lowest ofc.

Yes, the Manhattan Goes Wild hit was on Tivoli, had some nice hits on Dragon Tribe and Deadwood on Royal... and round about fuckall on Videoslots. Hmmmm...

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