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Leovegas account blocked due to email address


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Alright, so I think Leovegas has to keep there players safe from every kind of dangerous behavior. If they don't they could lose there license. They probably choose to loose 1 player rather then loose there license.


You could ask if Kim can help but I think it will be difficult to get your account back.

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Even tho he is addicted to alcohol it would not be responsible to play online gambling if he's under the influence or some way another had mental issues that can effect his judgement, therefore leading to irresponsible gaming. Casino's do not want problem-gamblers in any form.

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1 hour ago, Skylined87 said:

Have you asked through livechat CS as I advised?

Yes i contacted them they said no update from the department they are telling since 15 days 

33 minutes ago, RockSalt said:



sorry man, but holy smokes that's the cruellest/funniest shiz I ever heard.

Hope you get it back, just tell them your addiction is to alcohol or something

Haha i told dem my addiction is girls 🤣🤣😂

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