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Wildz Casino - Horrific experience WARNING


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I have been a loyal customer at Wildz Casino since 2019/20 and quite an active member/player which gained me some benefits as being a VIP player. 

I was very fortunate enough to win a a larger amount of this casino over the year and cashed it all out. To not punt it all away i would only do deposits here and there. From this point everything was being a total pain in the ass( sorry for my language ) 

For the last 5-6 months i have been stuck in a SOW hell. I have provided them every single document and been blocked from them or playing while this case has been ongoing. Missing out on alot of my perks and benefits. 
They first wanted to see my casino winnings which was All from theyre casino 😂 you would think they would know since they sent the money🤦🏻‍♂️ I had a hell trying to explain this before my account manager explained it too them. 
After 5-6 months of back and fourth being promised this and that for my case i finally was asked for Even more bank statements which i provided. 
They went on to Ask me about my private transactions which are not funds used for gambling. 
They asked what money i will use for gambling? My payslip money, some % of like always. Keep in mind my deposits were inbetween €50-200 and i was down Maybe €4000-5000 in total for the last year. Nothing huge here. 

I was requested to send in a payslip, which i did being the one for this month 01.2021. Today i received a email which was bad news with no explanation. 


« Hello Daniel,

This email is to inform you that management have made the decision to close your Wildz.com account. 
Please note that a withdrawal of your remaining account balance has now been processed and you will receive this within the usual withdrawal processing times.
Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards,


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