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Boom Casino - no answer on support/verification case


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Last wednesday i was playing on Boom Casino when i was suddenly kicked out in the middle of a spin, I was not able to log in to the casino again, so i contacted support. They said i had to verify my account (KYC) and thats the reason my account was closed (This was 2 hours after i created the account).

So i provided the documents they where asking me to provide, and waited. And then, after i asked for a status from support, i got the answer. My account was blocked because they ment i was a political exposed person. I replied immidiately that i did not understand how they concluded with that, and asked for an explanation.

That is the last i have heard from Boom Casino support (other then "We can not help you with your case" from chat support).


Its been 6 days, i have replied 2 more times on the email asking for status, but nothing happends. When i start a chat with support, they just say its another department (Verification department) and that they cant help, but how should i then contact verification department when they dont reply on my emails??

When i was kicked out i had about 100€ on my account, and was in the middle of a winning spin on Katmandu Gold. 

So i dont know - i would not recommend Boom Casino - this is maybe the worst customer support i have experienced...

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